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Saturday, April 2, 2011

10 reasons Chris Nolans Batman movies SUCK!and why JUSTICE LEAUGE WILL BE GREAT! thanx to United DC

and im going to make its glaringly clear i am not a chris nolan Fan never have been never will be his batfilms are WAY overrated (begins was just Okay) the dark knight save for joker and twoface was a completely dull crap movie Especially for a BATMAN Film! and there are many who agree! another poster name unitedDCfan Posted all the things Wrong with nolans batman movies and he took every word and ever thought that i have ever had on nolans dull tired batman movies and posted it on the internet so im going to post it here! by the way for all us true batman fans thanx UNITEDDcFAN FOR THE POST!"Nolan pretentious Batman movies are Boring."

If you didn't notice yet, you must be lacking on what Batman is all about.

You must all keep in mind Nolan doesn't care about doing a Batman movie, what is doing is some kind of twisted realistic Universe, that just happens to have a guy dressed like Batman in it, and he expects to get praise and nominations for it, because in his mind and in the minds of the gullible Batman "fans" they have been induced to think Nolan is some kind of genius for making Batman boring.

Major issues on Nolan's Batman as a comic book movie:

1- Slow paced.


3- Heath Ledger gave a great performance as a Villain, but he was not the Joker from the comics.

4- Bale lacks charisma to turn Batman a likable character on screen. (The voice doesn't help either)

5- Should have more action, the movies are 2 hours plus and have big budgets, more action or editing is required.

6- Weird casting choices and unnecessary made up characters, for e.g. Katie Holmes being replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal, does not make any sense, it doesn't matter if she is a "better" (Is not required a genius to play it) actress, the looks is sub-par and not convincing enough to have Bruce Wayne, Harvey Dent, and even the Joker somewhat fighting for this woman, and because of it TDK lost much of it's momentum when Rachel dies.
Rachel Dawes, Mister Reese, Ramirez, The Russian, Lau...all made up characters, that could have been replaced by cannon characters very easily, but instead Nolan decided to use his creative licence in the name of his own ego.

(On a side note about Bane in the upcoming TDKR, Tom Hardy as Bane is terribly miscast, it doesn't matter how good he can act, this is not the Joker casting this is Bane, Tom Hardy doesn't have the physicality to play Bane, if it's not necessary to be big, then why choose Bane in the first place? Why not using the Riddler or Black Mask? Bale is taller than Hardy, and if they are going to use the Mercenary approach he would still look more like Deadshot than Bane.
It is not very hard to find a taller actor that can act and bulk at will, you are very limited if you think otherwise.
Unless they use CGI or some camera tricks, I predict disappointed Batman fans, people who say physicality is not important on Bane doesn't have a clue)

7- Nolan's Batman movies due to over-realism makes the movie seem out of place sometimes, e.g. Batman on the Bat-signal rooftop talking to Dent and Gordon.

8- TDK Scarecrow cameo was disrespectful considering he was an average menace in Begins.

9- The inability of Nolan to portray any "over-the-top" villain or even a small reference to Robin on screen, because apparently he is too frighten of testing his own "skills", or simply lacks the imagination to do it.
Not to mention the panic state he enters when someone mentions crossovers, because it's too much for him to handle the bi-dimensional boring Batman, which realism and boredom is comparable to peek outside a window.

10- Hans Zimmer is the only reason some of the scarce action scenes seem(sound) somewhat interesting.

Most of the people who like nolans batfilms are not Batman fans even if they read comics, the ability to read and understand are two different things, some think they are, but most are Nolan's fans, that's why almost no one mentions (or forgives) the above rather obvious problems Nolan's Batman have as a comic book movie.
Someday a true Batman movie will be made, then people will look back and say how blinded they were by the over the top pretentious nolan


  1. agreed nolans batman movies are the most overrated pretentious batfilms EVER!

  2. i agree nolan has just never been My cup of tea at all i wann see a DC universe batman with robin batgirl etc thats my batman not this dull trite crap nolan is giving us

  3. definitley its time for nolans crappy strangle hold over the batfranchise to END!! enough already there are much more creative directors then him to choose

  4. Agreed on all points! Interesting the impact Hans Zimmer has. Without his score, many scenes would be a yawn!

  5. agreed equaliser i was looking at my watch while watching dark knight! if the score wasnt ther i would have passed out! lol

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  7. I don't think Christopher Nolan's Batman films live up to the hype. You can't make a Batman film without the possibility of Superman's existence in your universe. These two characters have a long history of collaboration (Batman & Superman comics and Justice league).

    Realistic super-villains? Does that mean you need to have a hobo-Joker. Yes the Joker in the dark knight was an approximation to the Joker from "The killing joke", but in that story the Joker had known Batman for a long time and knew to hit him where it hurt. By the way you could have made that book into a movie with a fraction of the budget of the dark knight returns.

    Batman/Bruce Wayne as a detective. Batman scarcely do any detective work other than throwing a person of a building before questioning him (Batman begins). You don't see Batman putting clues together using his knowledge of forensics (which is one of the things that makes him among the worlds greatest detectives). Do you see Batman using informants or other detectives? nope. In short Nolan is pushing the realism all the wrong places and forgetting the important ones.

    Oh yes it's so important that Batman is a ninja, seriously couldn't Nolan have pushed the master scientist angle also (it's in the freaking first issue of Batman (april 1940 "The legend of the Batman"). God help us if we had an educated Batman as an explanation on why he can analyse the chemistry of the fear toxin. Taking Batman science abilities away makes him incompatible with the Batman in the Justice league.

    And finally, not having a Robin in the Batman movies is a mistake. If you don't like the Dick Grayson story there are still: "Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne". Personally I think the Jason Todd/Red Hood story arc would have been a good way to go. "Oh but that isn't a very original idea" I hear you say, but neither is a god damn origin story for Batman.


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    1. I think your completly right about what your saying, but you don't need to be so harsh about it. these people dont realalize that this is a different universe of batman. its not the same batman that we all grown to love and hate over the years. Nolans batman is an awesome addition to the batmen befor him, and is by far the best of all live action films. the movies are very well done a puts alot into the mind of batman and who he is. they also challenge batman into trying to be that symbole that can't be broken, even tho behind it is only a man. everyone that seen the movies and liked it can see this, thats why they want more of this batman

      we all want a real comic rendition of batman but there needs to be the right writers and the right director to give us the live astion batman we all want the real "dark knight" with the real "man of steal" lets hope for that people and not hate nolan for giving us something new and refreshing to the table XD

      hoot hoot for "JLA"

    2. @Manish
      You aren't right at all.For one thing IMDB ratings only give an indication of what people thought of it.Not if it is actually a good quality movie.Too often I see better movies getting low ratings.Second,Heath Ledger's performance was one of the few things that stood out and yes he was wonderful.But he is nothing like the Joker from the comics.Jack Nicholson's Joker is more faithful to the comics.Too bad he never did a live action role as him but Mark Hamill is absolutely the best joker there is.This whole other universe/more realistic argument is lame.Who in his right mind puts on a costume and catches bad guy.But let's go with this argument.Batman is all knowing in TDK.Never shown to do to detecting,science or interrogating thugs.Then there is Two Face!Duh,how realistic is that.The dude would at least be in shock let alone being able to talk and walk like he did.Yes,real realistic.This whole idea of doing a more realistic universe is wrong.Batman is a comic book character that greatly benefits from it's dark and gothic setting.Batman is not a man with super powers yet he is not one to be messed with.Even Superman knows this.Want to see a more faithful rendition of Batman then play Batman:Arkham Asylum and Batman:Arkham City.Or watch the cartoons(tip: Batman Beyond).Also apart from Memento I never have been convinced of Nolan's brilliance.In one way or another Nolan always cops out within the universe he created and defying it's own logic.He did it in The Prestige,biggest cop out ending ever,he did it again in Inception.I did enjoy TDK.But it is one of those movies that has great moments but doesn't feel coherent at all.It also tries too hard to be sophisticated while it's not.

    3. @manish your a fucking moron dude jump of nolans dick u fakeass wannabe batfan lol

    4. @Chrichton agreed on every point u rock!

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  10. 10 Reasons Why The Burton/Schumacher Films Aren't As Good As Nolan's

    1. Forever/Robin were to fast paced. They didn't allow time for character development & they jumped right into things without any regard to the characters real backgrounds.

    2. The films are not much like the comics. Joker did not kill the Wayne's. Joker was not a mob-boss guy. Penguin didn't live in the sewer. Catwoman doesn't have "nine-lives". I could go on.

    3. African-American Harvey Dent into Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face? Really? Nuff said.

    4. Barbara Gordon is NOT Alfred's niece, she's Jim Gordon's daughter!!! Also, Gordon's not a fat cop who doesn't do anything but hold a blow-horn. He's much more, like Nolan's Gordon in his films. & Two-Face doesn't kill Robin's family (just like Joker doesn't kill Batman's).

    5. The last two films not only are nothing like the first two, but they're made to be "child safe". I'm not saying kids shouldn't be able to see Batman, but then we're going back to Silver Age Batman & Robin crap where they did the weirdest things and weren't scary. Batman is suppose to scare criminals not have them laugh at him...

    6. Terrible casting choices. Keaton was great. Kilmer was alright, but Clooney was TERRIBLE! And Arnold as Mr. Freeze? Forget it! Whoever played Gordon was bad. And the whole racial change with Harvey Dent/Two-Face thing again.

    7. Injustice done to the villains. Bane is not some mind-less monster who just is the strong man all the time. He, like in the comics and in TDKR, is a planner. He knows his next move before his next breath. He doesn't need the Venom and he once even figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Mr. Freeze doesn't pun. The only thing he cares about in the world is his wife (and that is clear in the film), however, he is cold, emotionless, and calculated. Not how he was in Batman & Robin. I could continue with Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Two-Face, but I think I'll just move on. I'm getting tired.

    8. The stories were thought up way to quick and some were tired together in odd ways. Batman (1989) is a great film & I don't really have a problem with it. The Max Shrek character in Batman Returns really had nothing to do with anything and what him and Penguin were trying to accomplish, but it was entertaining. Batman Forever starts getting worse when Riddler throws his boss out the window. I mean, who does that? How does that make sense to the story? And why team up with Two-Face? How does he even fit into the movie? He's more of a side-kick to Riddler (again with the injustice to the villains)! Batman & Robin is painful to talk about so I'll make it quick. Bane's creation, okay, kinda makes sense. Poison Ivy's? Not so much. Why does she go to Gotham? What is Wayne Enterprises going to do for her? What does she really want to accomplish? Mr. Freeze I understand his motivation, but not his actions. Also, Batgirl? "Suit me up Uncle Alfred". It's just not needed...

    9. Unrealistic. The reason I say this is a problem for me is, Batman is a superhero with no super powers. He's also suppose to be relatable. With these films, I saw none of that. Batman, yes. Batman Returns, most of the time. Batman Forever, no. Batman & Robin, HELL NO!The point is, anyone could be Batman. That's the point.

    10. They just weren't enjoyable. Batman is enjoyable. I love Batman! I still watch that movie. It takes more effort for me to watch Batman Returns, but it's still a semi-solid film. It takes a lot for me to watch Batman Forever, unless I need a good laugh (but even then I may choose the 60's Batman: The Movie over Forever). And Batman & Robin? Unless my siblings are watching it or it's on TV, forget it! I do not make that effort!

    1. Nolans movies are Pure garbage nuff said!

    2. Must you keep contradicting yourself? You saw NOTHING relatable in the old films. Apart from batman. And some of batman returns. You found NONE of them enjoyable. apart from the first two again. I think your enjoyment of boring pretentious tripe is frazzling the few braincells you have

  11. Is Batman’s voice suppose to be scary? It really is comical. The outfit is a joke. The part of his face that shows is all smashed like his cowl is too tight. The cape doesn’t match the rest of the outfit, the material choice for it was really strange. The joker sucks!, is not the joker. The batmobile can defy gravity? Look at some of the fan videos on Youtube like Deadend, that’s Batman.

    1. @jeff dead end is batman all the way thanx for commenting on the siteyou @skankexpose @chrichton @pete and @jeff @turingMech and @ThePlanetPluto are always welcome here!

  12. I hate every one of Christopher Nolan's movies I've ever seen. THEY ARE BORING AND COMPLETELY EMPTY

  13. i agree with pretty much everything you said, the new batmans are just tripe. alot of talking. alot of walking. thats bout it. hardly any action. i dont care if im in the minority (at least for the present) but the nolan films are a bore. yawn. really yawn. nothing about it is like the comics. sure tim burton and schumacher took some liberties too, but they all still pretty much looked and behaved like they do in the comics. riddler looked like riddler, twoface looked like twoface, joker was joker, catwoman was catwoman, and yes even penguin despite his changed origin (for the better) still had his imfamous top hat, weapon umbrellas, beak nose, rotund body and penguins as pets. the new movies fail to live up to a comic book movies standards. the first 3 batman films starting with the 1989 film were all true batman movies and did not forget to entertain and you can clearly see the money at work in the production design and batmobile designs. the new movies look as if they were made on a budget. you'd never think there were millions of dollars being spent since they didnt even utilize sets or anything original. it was chicago. big woop. batman should be surreal comic book fantasy, not trying to be realistic and "grounded". it actually makes batman look more rediculous and stupid. the scene with gordon and dent on the rooftop makes batman look seriously funny. so out of place. batman works in a stylized surreal enviroment.all the vehicles suck too. that is not a batmobile, thats sheet metal piled together. that motorcycle was stupid and that jet helicopter thing looked like a lobster transformers toy. ill take the batplane from the original films.

  14. the original films also had better casting. everyone fit there parts PERFECTLY. the new ones....not so much. its like nolan wanted to deliveratly choose the wrong people to play these parts. ledger as joker? lolll. cillian girly murphy as scarecrow? where was his suit? bale is by far the dumbest batman ever. his mask doesnt even fit him right, it squishes his face and makes him look like a retard. not to mention he has a lisp. the suits look like 2 piles of shit woven together, TDK didnt even have a batcave, more like walmart warehouse. the fight scenes are so choppy and stupid i cant see whats going on. the villians were done terribly and the movies had no humour AT ALL! the way the batsignal shown looked pathetic. realistic or not, the originalk films like burtons had the clear iconic signal flashing in the sky. it was awe inspiring. also hans zimmer is a freaking terrible composer. danny elfman did the BATMAN THEME. the one and onl;y. zimmer only made sound effects.

    just face it, the new movies are pathetic excuses for comic book movies in general, not entertaining at all and just boring as hell. i hope they do better with the next series and being back the fun. now im gonna go put on Batman Forever and forget the nolan movies even exist. peace!

    1. @pete you freaking rock i always put on batman forever and pretend nolans crap doesnt exist! lol

  15. after having suffered through TDKR which made absolutely no sense and annoyed and depressed me in equal measure I decided to have a look back at the trilogy as a whole. I'll start with TDK. This film again was too long. I agree that ledger saved the movie from utter mediocrity.I don't know what the hell bale was doing with that voice either, it was ridiculous in every way. The movie had three redundant scenes that did the same things and made the same points as other scenes in the movie so they could easily have been cut. The two ferry scene is an example. I could go on but i won't it's depressing just talking about it. The best elements in that film are from ledger simple as that. Batman begins i can't really fault other than saying it's success is to blame for the 6 humourless bum numbing depressing hours that followed.As far as man of steel goes. I'd have much preferred they just bring singer back to make his man of steel sequel. He's an intelligent guy and a great film maker he'd have learned from the mis-steps in superman returns mainly using kevin spacey which i believe was a mistake. Spacey is a great actor but totally wrong for that role.

  16. Dude, I swear I thought I was the only person that felt those movies were horrible and an insult to my intelligence. I fucking hate what Nolan did to batman he turned him into a poor excuse of a man pretending to be batman. And a tool!! How does a person turned a kick ass character like batman. Into a weak, pathetic, depressing tool. The only enjoyment i received watching that nightmare of a trilogy was the ass kicking lame i mean bane put on him.

  17. Nolan's pathetic as a Batman director. Like who hires a director who deals with realism to direct a comic book movie? He just ruined Batman because now people who know little or nothing about the classic Batman from the comics come to associate the iconic character with these crappy and pretentious adaptations and think they are the best Batman movies ever.

    Yes, I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but not as Batman movies but as action-crime and philosophical drama movies with Batman characters in it.