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Sunday, July 25, 2010


courtesy of Now this is THE NEWS WEVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!
Tom Welling will finally suit up as Superman, Darkseid will be the main villain and expect an appearence from Blue Beetle! UPDATED: Check out an even more detailed description of the footage shown!
Once again thanks to Newsarama, we have all the latest updates from the Smallville Comic Con panel which is just about to wrap up in San Diego! There are several really exciting bits of news below, so read on for what will surely have even the harshest of the shows critics excited for the tenth, and final, season!

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Geoff Johns, CCO of DC Entertainment is moderating the panel today, and promises a surprise or two for the final season.

A tease of the costume... and it looks like we have FLIGHT folks!

Lois said "Superman!" it's all coming to a head.

We do have a costume, guys.

And now we know what that Blue Beetle test footage may have been for...Geoff Johns is writing a Blue and Gold episode.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be on this season of Smallville.

Cassidy Freeman, Erica Durance, Justin Hartley, and Tom Welling came out on stage, along with the producers. And we've confirmed that Darkseid is this year's big bad!

Darkseid will be a bit different from the comics however, to fit in with this world better.

The Superman costume is a slightly altered version of the one in Superman Returns.

If you hadn't heard already, John Schneider will be back as Pa Kent a bit this season, and he just came on stage!

They're really playing up the idea of Clark finally becoming the big hero we know from comics, and it looks like that will actually happen during the season, not just at the very end.

"The door is open" for Michael Rosenbaum to return as Lex Luthor, but nothing has been locked down yet.

No chance of Wonder Woman or Batman though.

And here is an even more detailed description from IGN of the footage that was shown just a few minutes ago!

Footage showed Lois saying, "I'm the last to know", and we see her looking at the full Superman suit Martha gave Clark. We see Carter Hall/Hawkman in a desert setting, saying, "I guess you never know what fate has planned for you," and Lois also appears to be in this desert scenario.

Tess Mercer wakes up in Cadmus Labs, and sees in a reflection that she is horribly disfigured on one side of her face. She meets a young boy there who shows her adult bodies in fluid filled tanks. When Tess asks the boy who they are, he says, 'My brothers."

We then see new footage of Clark walking up to Jonathan Kent on the Kent Farm, who tells him, "Something very dark is coming. And you're going to be tested."

The trailer ends a quick montage, including Chloe holding Dr. Fate's helmet, and a voice over of Jonathan Kent saying, "You're going to be the greatest hero the world has ever seen," before we cut to Lois saying, "Superman." The final shots show Clark apparently flying straight up holding the Daily Planet globe in his hands.


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