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Saturday, April 16, 2011


MR H dropped us a Line and has revealed New Plot deatails on The MAN OF STEEL!

- The main villains are General Zod, Faora Uh-Ul and Jax-Ur who escape the Phantom Zone to Earth.

- After the destruction of Krypton, a connection to the Phantom Zone caused pieces of Kryptonian technology to be sent to the Phantom Zone and allowed the scientist Jax-Ur to create a way out of the Phantom Zone which is how they come to Earth.

- They initially observe the world but think that it has a horrid smell and is dirty and a waste of a "perfect planet" and plan to re-create Krypton with Zod as leader who will use Faora to create a brand new Kryptonian bloodline and Jax-Ur to accelerate Earth's technology to Kryptonian levels. They arrive shortly after Clark Kent becomes Superman. The exact line is "ZOD: This primative race are destroying this perfect planet while our great homeworld is scattered throughout the cosmos. This injustice can go on no more. We shall take this planet and Krypton will rise again. A better Krypton with me as absolute ruler and the son of Jor-El knelt before me." That line is so fucking awesome.

- Gen. Sam Lane leads Earth's military attack against the Kryptonian villains.

- Zod, Faora and Jax-Ur want to use LexCorp technology as it is the most compatible and the most advanced.

- The film starts in present day with Clark Kent's first day at the Daily Planet. There will be flashbacks to Krypton and Smallville.

- Jor-El and Lara are in the film, Kal-El leaving Krypton is shown.

- There will be no Fortress of Solitude. Well folks what do u think? everything sounds cool except the No fortress of solitude thing i dont like that part!


  1. Why no Fortress of Solitude? It is crucial to the Superman story. I thought the Coruscant city resemblance would be cool but not if we miss out on the fortress just because Krypton has changed. We should have both.

  2. @equalizer i agree i WANT THE FORTRESS!