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Saturday, January 11, 2014

SUPERGIRL IN BATMAN VS SUPERMAN! Is the Internet ASleep? ELMayimbe Tweets Supergirl!

Apparently the Internet has Been Asleep at  the wheel because  El mayimbe from Latino review just dropped a huge Bombshell the other day and no website has seemed to report on it! Every other scoop he said has been  Reported  on sites. But apparently this one fell under the radar? That Freaking Supergirl is I. Batman Vs Superman! Mayimbe started his tweets off with " “@elmayimbe: Let's flip a coin. HEADS: AVENGERS 2, TAILS: BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, either way I win.”  So it ends up being tails so its a DC scoop! To wich then  mayimbe says  " “@elmayimbe: KARA ZOR-EL!!!” .Holy Crap internets are you asleep?that's one of the Biggest  awesomest Bomb drops ever and no one reports it? Oh Well I guess I'll be the First! SUPERGIRL Is In BATMAN vS SUPERMAN!! He'll yeah!