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Saturday, March 26, 2011


hi guys superkal here and have i got a doozy for you! just got and email from my source, well just call him Lionel Luthor and hes provided me with a possible character list for all the characters and villains that appear in Zack snyder's Man of Steel and thank RAO NONE OF THEM IS ZOD! and there are some spoiler plot points as well so if u dont wanna be Spoiled you HAVE BEEN WARNED LOOK NO FURTHER!"Superman villains are Brainiac, Lex Luthor and Bruno Manheim. Lex and Bruno in like the first act and mid way through the second which is when Brainiac arrives to Earth and causes hell. Brainiac destroyed Krypton (Superman's homeworld) and offers him knowledge of his origin and that says he has saved Krypton. General Sam Lane leads Earth's human defence against Brainiac unsure of Superman's intentions but everybody soon comes to love Superman after he defeats Brainiac in a battle in Metropolis. Brainiac survives and uses Lex Luthor and LexCorp to rebuild himself a new stronger body and re-engages Superman in an epic battle for the Earth. and lionel also has given me a list of characters in the movie of significant importance:

Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman (Alien who crash landed on Earth, grew up to realise that his super powers should be shared with the world)
Brainiac (Alien android from the planet Colu built to collect information. went on to destroying numerous planets including Krypton, Superman's homeworld)
Lois Lane (Sluggish reporter for the Daily Planet, the arrival of Superman changes Lois' fortunes for the better)
Lex Luthor (Multi billionaire owner of LexCorp, a conglomate company that has illegal connections that help the company grow)
Mercy Graves (Personal Assistant and bodyguard to Lex Luthor, she is fiercely loyal)
Bruno Manheim (Leader of Intergang, a criminal organization funded by Lex Luthor to help his company)
General Sam Lane (4 star General who leads the USA's attack on the hostile alien android Brainiac)
Jonathan Kent (The adoptive father of Superman who lives in Smallville, KA)
Martha Kent (The adoptive mother of Superman who lives in Smallville, KA)
Jimmy Olsen (A low level photographer for the Daily Planet who's fortune changes after becoming the first photographer of the alien Superman)
Perry White (Editor in Chief of the Daily Planet who pushes his reporters to get the best stories out there)
John Corben (Top reporter for the Daily Planet who has connections with Lex Luthor who keeps his public image clean)
Cat Grant (Showbiz reporter for the Daily Planet and arch rival of Lois Lane, whom she graduate college with). this Sounds Excellent to me and Not a Zod anywhere in the Mix! this Sounds like the Superman movie FANS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! fingers crossed Superkal out!


  1. Wow! Good to see Brainiac and Lex! Could be real cool!

  2. sup equaliser yeah this sounds fantastic!! im crossing my fingers!!

  3. this sounds like the most Awesome superman movie ever i say F NO to ZOD!lol