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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NEW SCOOP:JUSTICE LEAUGE WILL Be First movie out Batman reboot will Follow: Also Johns& Goyer now Writing JLA!?

my old pal scooper Mister H just hit me with some awesome news on top of the already Awesome news that Jla is a priority for Jeff robinov and is definitley going into Production that Johns and goyer are now Possibly Writing the JLA SCRIPT! heres what mr H had to say!"Geoff Johns is DEFINATELY part of the writing team. I am unsure on the other writer involved, my source said David Goyer would be helping with the story after he has finished on the Superman screenplay which is now at Jonathan Nolan's hands being looked over and touched up whilst Johns and Goyer do the story for JL movie. I think Johns will be writing the screenplay however." mr h also goes on to say that batman will be well established in JLA "story wise. in the justice league movie, the batman character is in his 2nd or 3rd year of crime fighting. the batman reboot film which will be 2015 probably will be set after JL events. and mr h goes on to give more batman reboot info!"Not sure whats happening Director wise with the Batman reboot. I know that it won't be an origin movie like Batman Begins and that it will just be a story set after he is established as Batman and that he will already be Batman by the time Justice League starts." this is all very Exciting news! thanx mr h for the info keep it coming JLA WILL DEFINITLEY ROCK!!

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