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Monday, November 1, 2010

My review SUPERMAN Earth One has great ART but is EXTREMELY Dull & LACKLUSTER!

ByAndre Francisco
And this coming from a HUGE Superman fan. I consider Superman:Earth One a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

It felt like it was trying to come off extremely intelligent but in my opinion it was Overly Pretentious and Boring. i cared for none of the characters when i was reading. this Clark was pouty dull emo and depressed looking throughout pretty much the entire comic! and if you dont care for the Main character of the story, everything else is pretty much pointless by comparison. wasn't fond of at all how they changed the origin to Jonathan & martha kent hiking & backpacking in the woods when the SpaceCraft crashed! i felt like i was reading A Boring prequel to Superman returns directed by Brian singer! TERRIBLE! i felt the Villain was complete utter crap! a VILLAIN NAMED TYRELL?? REALLY?? LAMEST VILLAIN EVER! he was pathetic and looked like a cross between something out of David Bowies Ziggy Stardust Mixed with the Crow & labyrinth! and Superman HARDLY HAD ANY DIALOUGE AT ALL IN THE COMIC WTF!? and i'm sorry i dont Know whats up with J micheal stracinzki's Writing lately it's Really Lacking and uninvolving Lately. reading this entire graphic novel was a Complete Letdown of epic proportions! and if goyer's script is inspired by this graphic novel i can see why it would be a mess! this whole graphic novel was a mess i kept thinking to myself did Bryan singer Really write Superman: earth one?? thats how dull it was to me. the Graphic novel could have easily had braniac in Place of this lameo boring character ty-rell! i could care less about Lois, jimmy or even perry white in this graphic novel they all felt like Afterthoughts in this story! and the whole Tyrell/ Independence day attack on earth storyline was lame and had No real impact at all it was like it was trying to be action packed but was not succeding one bit and completley feel flat on it's face! it would have had more potential if the Villain wasnt a MAde up villain, but it ended being completely tired and had No real resonance! and it seems there were certain things in here wether intentionally or unintentionally Borrowed from smallville, and on it's surface, i have no problem with that. BUT SMALLVILLE DID IT A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! it just felt completely trite in earth one! Overall SUPERMAN:EARTH ONE IS COMPLETELY LACKLUSTER AND ANTICLIMACTIC! and not worth buying Unless you want to be letdown! this is an example of how NOT to write a superman Story it tries to modernize but it just Comes off trite and shallow! if you want to do superman movie the write way this is exactly the Template you SHOULD NOT USE whatsoever or u risk getting another Dull superman returns fiasco! the templates that should be used for zack snyder's film are 1.geoff johns awesome superman:secret origins. that is just absolutley fantastic piece of work! 2.every single episode of bruce timm and Paul dinis Superman the animated series from the 90s it never gets old is modern and still completely classic and is just the charcter 100percent! and 3.Smallville because its awesome and has already modernize the character for a new generation! so if it aint broke dont Fix it!

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  1. and ign agrees as well calls it a failure on every level!