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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It had to happen — after cameos ranging from Green Arrow to Metallo to the Legion of Superheroes, Smallville’s getting one more DC character in the mix.


The Wall is here. Amanda Waller, to be exact.

Michael Ausiello has announced that blaxploitation icon Pam Grier has been cast as the future Luthor presidency staffer/head of Checkmate, and will be around the show for at least several episodes.

Grier is said to join the cast during the January episode guest-starring the Justice Society. Pretty cool*, huh?

*Unless you are Troy Brownfield, who still thinks that CCH Pounder, who was the voice of Waller on the Justice League Unlimited series, is the only one who could fill Waller’s shoes.

14 Responses to “Pam Grier cast as Smallville’s Amanda Waller”
  1. RavenProject Says:

    My wife and are I determined that the true Waller is Patricia Belcher, aka Caroline Julian on Bones.


  2. Rich Says:

    I’m with Troy on this one. CCH Pounder was born to play Waller.

    Pam Grier? Not so much.

  3. Vinnie Bartilucci Says:

    Troy is not without weight on his pounder argument, but Pam Grier, that’s just some awesome right there. She can easily play the hard-ass Waller, and spin it so she’s not exactly unattractive.

    I’m voting yay on this one.

  4. Robert Repici Says:

    What the blazes?

    Well, I certainly didn’t see that one coming.

  5. Jorell Says:

    Pam Grier as Amanda Waller? Yes please.

  6. Ricardo Amaral Says:

    It’s CCH Pounder. I mean, she has Pounder as a surname, and that’s got to count for Amanda Waller.

  7. Monetta Says:

    Pounder would be a better choice, but she’s on that Warehouse show on SyFy, so having a reoccuring role on Smallville could conflict filming scheduals. Grier is a good runner up choice.

  8. Jason Says:

    Sweet! Pam Grier is an awesome actress.

  9. Troy Brownfield Says:

    Let me clarify: I think Pam Grier is great, but she’s really tall for The Wall. Unless they use some Frodo CGI to shrink her and stretch her horizontally.

    And, of course, Pounder OWNED the screen on “The Shield” in a very Waller-esque role.

    But yeah, it’s crazy to think that Waller even gets the live-action treatment.

  10. Anun Says:

    Well, I gotta say, if CCH Pounder isn’t available to reprise her role, then I can think of no one better than Pam Grier. Also, Amanda Waller is awesome and needs to be in all things DC media.

  11. jedifish Says:

    Waller appearing on the show is awesome.

    Zan and Jayna.

    Amanda Waller

    Justice Society


    So many cool appearances this year.

  12. Martin Gray Says:

    Someone should do a show about Superboy.

  13. del92 Says:

    Yes. Someone should do a show about Superboy

  14. angela Says:

    Awesome. Smallville don’t mess this up.

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