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Saturday, August 1, 2009

All the latest Smallville Comic-con Goodies!

hi folks Andre here i know u fans love all the comiccon goodies so here they are for u in all there youtube Glory! :)

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 1 - Tom gets a standing ovation

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 2 - Batman nabs Tom Welling's name plaque...damn him...

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 3 - Geoff Johns to write an episode with JSA

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 4 - Fan Girl asks Tom to speak slowly while looking at her...Funny!

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 5 - Metallo, Toy Man, and Roulette to appear this season

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 6 - Superman asks Tom a question

Smallville Comic Con 2009 Part 7 - Sidekick for Green Arrow?

Pictures From Comic Con's Smallville Panel:

---Video interviews with various actors and the producers---

Erica Durance (Lois Lane):
Allison Mack (Chloe Sulivan):
Justine Hartly (Oliver Queen):
Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer)
Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson:
Callum Blue (Major Zod)

[Just Released August 1st]:

Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan:
Erica Durance as Lois Lane:
Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen:
Cassidy Freeman as Tess:
Callum Blue as Major Zod:
Producer Kelly Souders:
Producer Brian Peterson:

[Just Released August 2nd]:

Justin, Erica, Allison, Kelly, Brian:


Best copy of trailer thus far:


  1. Wow, what a good source of information for all things Comic-Con 2009 Smallville! Great blog, buddy!

  2. Thanks for the info! In case we haven't discussed this, I thought that Batman dude was rude and the girl that tried to hit on Tom, pathetic!

  3. Nancy love you! yeah i was very annoyed with that girl soo Lame!lol

  4. Batman rude? Come on. I thought he was hilarious. *In a deep voice* "Remember me?" "When are you gonna put me on your show?" Lol. The girl that tried to hit on Tom, I thought that was hilarious too. A bunch of guys were whistling when Erica Durance came out, I was laughing. Well I don't blame them yeah I thought she was pretty hot in person too. :D

  5. oh man i love erica star treker! but i wish i met Laura aka Kara im so in love with her!lol and so bummed shes not back this season

  6. I finally got my video up!

    The Star Treker at Comic Con 2009 Smallville Panel:

  7. Thanks man. Too bad I don't have the whole thing recorded.